C# 3.0 – Language Innovations

Agora que estou me habituando no C# 2.0, já vem o 3.0: http://msdn.microsoft.com/events/pdc/agenda/default.aspx

From Visual Basic to Visual C# to Visual C++, from compiler internals to architecture diagrams, from build to test, join the product team in this set of sessions to learn how Visual Studio, the .NET Framework, and WinFX are evolving to meet your software development lifecycle needs. Microsoft architects, program managers, and developers will drill into programming language enhancements, software development lifecycle management with Visual Studio Team System, Visual Studio productivity features, Office and application programmability, and the new unified build system. Whether you’re writing Win32 code, MFC code, or managed code, this track has something new for you.
  • C# 3.0 Language Innovations
  • C++ Interop: Under the Hood
  • Visual Basic Language Innovations
  • Visual Basic: Under the Hood
  • Visual Studio Team System: Bringing Development and Test Together for Building and Testing Distributed Applications
  • Monad: Bringing Scripting and Extensibility to Your Build Environment
  • Enabling Rich Design-time Support for Your Custom Avalon Controls in Visual Studio

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